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The Lion Storms - GWM Pickup Wingle 7 launch in Ukraine

Category: Enterprise News 2019-07-01

On June 4-7, the GWM Wingle Pickup series launched in the Agro-2019 Auto Show in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, and with the launching event of Wingle 7, completing the overseas debut of Wingle7.


During the Auto Show, more than 400 consumers visited the GWM exhibition area and showed great interest in Wingle 7. Some consumers had the test drive to Wingle 7, and more than 10 mainstream Ukrainian media reported the event.

he only Chinese Pickup model in the Ukrainian market, Wingle Pickup has won the favour of Ukrainian customers and Ukrainian large companies and governmental clients since its launch in 2011. It competes with other global giants with its high cost-performance features and excellent loading capacity.

Wingle 7, as the latest product of Wingle Pickup series, made its stunning appearance with its brand-new styling design and comfortable driving experience. The headlights are connected with hexagonal grilles; honeycomb-shaped black lower air intake highlights the fashionable and wild look, full of dynamic; the “LION FACE” design language demonstrates the King's demeanour. Its 1,680 mm tub length matches with 3,350 mm wheelbase, and the 105 KW fits with the 315 Nm powertrain. Multiple outstanding performances can meet the commercial needs of consumers.

Previously, Wingle Pickup became the only Chinese Pickup model won the bids of Ukrainian government and army. Wingle 5 was awarded the "most trustworthy pickup" by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, and participated in the Ukrainian military parade ceremony. Since 2017, nearly 400 Wingle 5 Pickups have been exported to Ukraine as tender products, and 159 Pickups of tender orders from the Ministry of Defence have been completed from January to May 2019, refreshing the record.


With the successful launching of Wingle 7 in Ukraine, it not only provides more cost-effective and better driving experience for local consumers, but also shows that the GWM Pickup has taken another solid step in its expansion in overseas market.

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