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Debut of Great Wall Motors and HAVAL at the Hamilton Fieldays with Signed Orders of 40 Vehicles

Category: Enterprise News 2019-07-10

From June 12 to 15, 2019, the 51st Hamilton Fieldays, the largest comprehensive trade fair in the Southern Hemisphere, was held in Hamilton, the fourth largest city in New Zealand. The debut of whole series of products of HAVAL and Great Wall Motors brought by HAVAL Motors Australia attracted great attention of the market. 

Agriculture and animal husbandry are the two pillar industries in this beautiful Pacific island country. Established in 1969, Hamilton Fieldays was originally a town gathering for trade of livestock and agricultural products. However, over half a century’s accumulation and development, the Hamilton Fieldays has already developed into a grand exhibition gathering various industries from the original gathering of agriculture and animal husbandry. A total of 1,059 exhibitors from industries such as agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery, forestry, machinery, automobile, real estate, outdoor sport, and catering, showed their special skills and took the opportunity to integrate into the life of New Zealanders. 

This year is the 51st anniversary of Hamilton Fieldays. Ms. Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand, was invited to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony, demonstrating the importance of the event. 

Prime Minister of New Zealand Attended the Opening Ceremony of the Hamilton Fieldays (Jacinda Ardern on the right)

In the Fieldays, there were various interesting activities in New-Zealand style for all visitors, so people had a great time there. 

What is it? It looks like a harvester at first glance, but in fact it is a tool used by New Zealanders for deep-sea fishing. It is called “Contiki”. Remotely controlled contiki with motor could take the fishing line to a place kilometers away from the coastline and automatically lowering the fishhook and thus complete the deep-see fishing. 

The tractor tug-of-war is exclusive in New Zealand. Two tractors were carrying out tug-of-war face to face. To win the game, drivers must be experienced in excellent driving and reversing skills. 

Children put on cow props. Behind them, there were snow mountains as landmark in New Zealand.

This is the best portrayal of “having visited this place” exclusive to the Hamilton Fieldays.

Localized Marketing Helps to Promote Brand Influence

On the occasion of this grand ceremony, 28 major automobile manufacturers, such as Toyota, Volkswagen and Hyundai, participated in the exhibition, which attracted great attention. HAVAL and Great Wall Motors’s debut was also under the sportlight. The whole booth was built with “Built by the World for the World”, the new concept of HAVAL. The 740-Square-Meter exhibition booth is open, simple and cozy, and is divided into Customer Negotiation Area, Coffee and Lounge Area, and Brand Area. 

During the event, HAVAL and Great Wall Motors were extremely popular. 27,000 visitors consulted the brands. Consumers on site were attracted by the all new HAVAL. On-site sales consultants introduced HAVAL and Great Wall Motors to visitors with passion, and actively facilitated orders. Delicate HAVAL gifts attracted customers to leave their information.  

With the efforts of the whole sales team, during the four-day event, more than 3,000 visitors were received at the exhibition booth of HAVAL and Great Wall Motors. HAVAL and Great Wall Motors made remarkable achievements during its first participation in the exhibition, and 40 vehicles were sold on site.  

Continuous Increase of “HAVAL Fans” Drives Promotion of Brand Presence and Sales

HAVAL has rapidly expanded to all the core cities in New Zealand since its launch in New Zealand just one year ago. Its sales volume has maintained double-digit growth every month. By May this year, its total sales volume in New Zealand had increased 86% on year-on-year basis, making it the fastest growing automobile brand in New Zealand. It not only depends on the operation principle of “winning the market with quality products and service”, but also relies on the support and publicity of “HAVAL fans”.

Ferri Patt, an Internet celebrity in New Zealand, is very fond of off-road driving. After purchasing a Great Wall pickup and HAVAL SUV last year, he often posted pictures of driving out on Instagram, which has become a hot topic online followed by a lot of fans.  

It is believed that the HAVAL and Great Wall Motors will attract more attention from New Zealanders and the “HAVAL Fans” group will also grow gradually based on the operation principle of “winning the market with quality products and service” and marketing activities with local characteristics.

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